ACT Dinners

ACT 1Quoted from Robert Henrich’s editorial on, 4/15/12:

“About 30 years ago, a group of Tioga County churches decided they could better serve the community’s poor by joining forces. The coalition formed back then is now known as Allied Christians of Tioga (ACT); its membership, consisting of Protestant, Catholic and nondenominational Christian churches – as well as one nonprofit organization, are still united in service to God’s people in need.

Every Thursday evening, anywhere from 60 to 100 people or more gather in Owego to share a meal. On a typical Thursday afternoon guests begin arriving around 5 p.m. They are old and young, men and women, families and singles, some helping others who need a hand getting around. Weather permitting, small groups assemble outside to swap stories and share a laugh. Inside there are games for the kids and free blood pressure screenings provided by the Lourdes Parish Nurse Ministry. No one is turned away. Dinner guests also help set up. On occasion there are educational programs provided by organizations such as Cornell Cooperative Extension or the American Red Cross.”

ACT 2Park Terrace is proud to be one of the churches participating in Allied Christians of Tioga, and the ACT Dinner program.  We serve several of these dinners each year – anyone is welcome to come and join in!  For more information, contact Jeff Patricia. 

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