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What Kind of King?

Pastor Dale E. Austin                                                                        John 18:33 – 37

As we wind up each year on the church calendar – and today is the final Sunday on that particular calendar – we generally turn to a consideration of Jesus as king. To some extent, this is quite ironic, because Jesus never referred to himself as a king. Continue reading

Giving Credit Where it’s Due

Pastor Dale E. Austin                                                                                  Luke 17:11-19

We’ve been hearing a lot recently about income inequality.  The idea isn’t that everyone should share in the wealth of the country equally, but that everyone should be able to share fairly.  Of course, that isn’t happening  Continue reading

Happy first Sunday of Lent!

What I’ve learned is. . . . . .

Sometimes, life changes forever in the space of a few moments.  Sometimes this experience is wonderful; all too often it can be tragic and heart-breaking.  A friend recently shared some thoughts about the aftermath of one of these difficult life-changing moments.  Her reflections are worth thinking about: Continue reading