We Welcome You

2 4 untitledTo Begin…
We believe church should inspire you, not only after worship service, but during the week. People want a church to be a place where we encourage one another to be better Christians. That’s the kind of church we want to be.

To Belong…

A place where families can grow stronger, where lasting friendships thrive, where hurts are healed and victories are shared as we explore the ministry of God’s incredible love and healing in each of our lives.

To Become…
A church filled with events that children, youth, young adults & adults will anticipate and enjoy. Some of life’s most meaningful experiences come as we look beyond ourselves.

We are big enough to have exciting ministries like our Food Pantry and our Pre-School, but small enough to be a place where everybody knows your name.

If you haven’t been to worship in a while, or are ready to give church a try for the first time, we urge you to join us on Sunday morning.  We have an exciting and fresh way of upholding an ancient and sacred faith – one which will not make you fall asleep!

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